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My experience with Gems of Light...

  • When I first started with Gems of Light I didn't know what to expect. I worried the classes might be to hard, but I have learned a lot and it seemed the more I learned the more I realized Islam was an ocean of knowledge. I love GEMS OF LIGHT! Best of all is the Instructors are all Qualified so I don't have to worry about getting the wrong information. They make learning fun! I'm so excited!-Noora Alsamman


  • When I was studying at the U of M I had a professor who really confused me about Islam. My friend told me about Gems of Light and I signed up for one of the classes. The Instructor really answered a lot of my questions I had and helped clarify my confusion. It was really surprising to me that a lot of the information my parents taught me growing up wasn't actually true or was just a cultural practice. So for me, Gems of Light has made me proud of my Islam and helped me immensely. -Annonymous


  • Growing up, I had so many unanswered questions about my religion. I depended on Google as the main source of Islamic knowledge and of course, the results were adverse. It left me with so many confusions until I found Sh. Aysha Wazwaz through Gems of Light. This place presented the authentic view of my religion; the view I couldn’t reach with so many google searches. Through Gems of Light, I developed a mindset where my religion is no longer a source of discomfort but a source empowerment- Marwa