Aisheh M. Wazwaz:

Current place of residence: Minnesota, U.S.A
Social Status: Married with three children
Languages spoken: Fluency in Arabic and English
Nationality: American, Palestinian, Spanish/ Paraguayan, Jordanian
‪ Education:

  1.  PhD in Islamic Studies with an honors from  Jinan University/ Lebanon
  2. Dissertation: Islam in the Positive Orientalism: Karen Armstrong as a Paradigm.
  3. M.A  from Alquds University/ Palestine, major in Contemporary Islamic Sciences.‫ ‬Presented  M.A thesis under the title of “The Portrayal of Islam in the Neoconservatives Media in the USA”. 2005
  4. B.A  in Islamic Jurisprudence, Alquds University/ Dawa and Fundamentals of Islam College- 2003
  5. Graduated High school/MN, USA- 1998
  6. Studied rules of tajweed (i.e. rules of  Quranic recitation) at Dar Al-quran in Masjid al Aqsa 1999-2000
  7. Studied different sciences of Islam at Dar Al-hadith in Masjid al Aqsa- 1995
  8. Schooling was in American and Arabic schools. 

 Teaching Experiences:

  1. Currently chaplain and religious adviser at St. Catherine University 
  2. Chaplain at Sherbourn county jail prison 
  3. Founder and lecturer at Gems of Light in the U.S to train women to become lecturers on Islam in the U.S.
  4. Assistant professor at the Islamic University of Minnesota.
  5. Chaplin at St Kate's University